24/08/22 - Ancient Alien Ark

I was exploring a cave system with my mother in search of an ancient alien spacecraft called the ark. It was located miles below earth through an incredibly tight cave system that went on forever. People would explore these caves to see the ark, but almost everyone who goes down never gets to see it because it’s so far down and so dangerous to reach. It's dangerous to go too far because the caves are prone to flooding which prevents climbing through the incredibly narrow passages, trapping explorers. There's a wide-open ruin a certain way down that most people stop at because its too dangerous to go further, but those who have seen the ark say that it is terrifying. It is a gigantic structure and not of this world, a hugely unnerving artefact. The entrance to the cave system is an engraved stone archway, as if the ancient aliens marked the location of their craft above ground. Sometimes at night the arch appears to glow, and calls out to people inside their heads with a voice only they can hear. We stopped at the ruin for a while, when out of nowhere a flash flood began, the ruin filling up with water at an alarming rate. We crawled back through the narrow passage which led to the ruin in time, to reach an area that I think was generally believed to be safe. Despite this, the water still seemed to be coming in, to we started moving as fast as we could to get out. I don't know if I made it to a safe spot in time, because I woke up.