13/05/22 - Cruise Ship Prison Break

There was a jail break on a ship I was working on. The ship appeared to be a cruise ship, but it housed a prison for some reason. The prison guard was Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad and he could only communicate by typing on a computer. He tried to relay his plan to stop the prison break to me and my co-worker (Papyrus Undertale) on Microsoft word. Papyrus and I were nurses working in the ship’s infirmary and had absolutely nothing to do with the prison. Papyrus would only respond to Hector by typing back his response into the same word document, which he didn't need to do, because he could talk, and Hector could understand him. The prisoners were all 12-year-old boys, but they were actually hardened criminals that just looked like 12 year old boys. They had escaped because the jail door was being held shut with a small magnet and they all lent on the door when the ship tilted and it came undone. Our plan to stop the escapees involved taking medical supplies to the mail room, which included a lot of loose syringes. The prisoners were disguised as doctors and one of them really obviously took a syringe off me as I walked past, but I pretended not to notice and kept walking while holding onto the syringe. As a result he only took the sharp bit of the needle. The layout of the ship of course looked like my old school. I woke up when the kid came back and jammed the sharp bit into my back outside one of the art classrooms.