28/09/21 - Red Letter Media and Kanye West Tornado Adventure

I was on a train with Kanye West travelling through some rural farmland. The train was full of children, and also some people I went to primary school with, but grown up- none of them recognised me or remembered me at all however, and it was very awkward. I saw a tornado out the window approaching the train but ignored it because I've never seen a tornado before. I went to look for Kanye and realised the train had been engulfed by the tornado and that the train was flying in the air. I crawled into an inflatable room zipped to the side of the train for apparent safety but one of the kids had a window open and was sticking their head out into the tornado. I told them they could lose their head, so stop, while Kanye just sat motionless staring at the wall in front of him. Eventually we arrived at our destination, I guess the tornado just stopped? I got off the train with Red Letter Media, but not Mike, who had apparently been there the whole time, and we walked through what looked like Birmingham City centre. It was violently raining the whole time. I think we were going to a Kanye West concert but Kanye had disappeared. RLM were all really drunk and kept shouting random nonsense phrases. Eventually we came to a crossing where Mike was directing traffic and they started hurling abuse at him. Jay was throwing bottles at him and Mike was begging them to stop because he was just doing his job, but they just kept laughing in his face. Eventually we reached our destination which was actually an aquarium, when I realised I'd forgotten my shoes on the train. Then everyone looked down and realised they had also walked all this way in no shoes, so we turned around to go back but we didn't know where the station was. Eventually we found our shoes abandoned along the street. I think I woke up around here because I don't think we ever got to the concert.