24/08/21 - Jerma gets killed by a sea monster

I was staying at a holiday home on the beachfront in England with my brother. I went down to the beach to see what all the fuss there was about, and there was a giant sea monster slowly making its way towards the shore, Godzilla style. It looked exactly like a shiny gyarados but about 10 times bigger. I ran back to the house to get my brother but the door was wide-open, so I was walking around with a wooden spoon checking the whole house for intruders when I found Jerma985 in the living room recording a stream with my brother. I told them we had to leave right now because the sea monster was coming but they didn't really seem to understand me so I took them to the window where we saw a giant 30 foot wave crash into the building, but we were somehow fine. We all started running to grab our things but Jerma was too slow packing away his streaming equipment and an even bigger wave hit the house and I think we all died because I woke up.