11/10/22 - 'It was all a dream' Dream

I was back at school and for some reason a guy came up to me and punched me dead in the eye. I was stunned for a second then furiously tried to find him to hit him back, but he had disappeared. I was humiliated and couldn't understand why I’d suddenly been targeted. Apparently, this designated me some kind of target because from then on I became a target of really vicious physical attacks. These escalated until one guy was eventually following me home and trying to pick me up and throw me into things as hard and far as he could as if to set some kind of record. Every time I tried to turn around and go another way he would stop me, holding me back with force. I tried desperately asking him, “Why me?” Because I couldn't understand what I’d done wrong to deserve this. I commented that if this was an initiation thing the kid who initially punched me had picked the weakest smallest girl to target and called him a coward. The guy just ignored me. We walked past a friend of mine at one point, and I was trying to desperately signal to her by mouthing “help me” but she just waved and walked off, not understanding. As he was kicking me along the guy revealed he knew my phone number and where I lived, and when I said I wasn't impressed because I too have used LinkedIn to find someone, he got even more aggressive, and I thought he was going to suplex me into the concrete. Eventually we wound up back at my "flat" which didn't look like any building I'd been in before; I don't know if I walked him to the wrong building because I didn't want to take him to my real home or if this was just where I lived. The flat was full of stacked furniture and rubbish, as if it was being used as a storage space. I thought I'd try being nice to make him feel bad, so I offered him tea, which he accepted hesitantly. Then my family showed up, except they weren't my family, I have no idea who they were. They kept saying “Oh yeah we're not supposed to get involved” and making weird allusions to hidden cameras. The fridge door kept sticking when I went to get the milk for the tea, then the guy came up and said, "No you have to do it like this" and opened the door. I commented that he was good at that for someone who'd never been here before and he ignored me. At some point he got upset and broke down and I discovered this man was apparently my brother. At which point the facade rolled away and I was watching two elderly women in a care home with dementia. The credits of a movie started rolling revealing that the story I'd just been experiencing was in actuality about two bickering sisters with dementia and also one of them was trans. Then I was conscious of the fact that I was sitting in a room like the flat in the movie, watching the premiere screening. I was crying and saying to the filmmaker how incredible and deep and life changing it was. The co-author was an old friend from primary school, and she thanked me for coming and said she knew I'd enjoy it. I hugged them both and said I'd never forget this then left the flat. I had to go back because I left my bag behind.