Building your own website from the ground up is tricky, especially when you’re first starting out and have no clue what you’re doing. I’ve collected below resources that helped me to make this site, as well as where the graphics and materials utilised here were sourced from.

Materials used to make this site

Website Help

A fount of knowledge and a great source of links for everything you could need when making your own website. They also have a great layout builder which I used when I made the very first version of Rosie Rucksack, great for when you’re starting out, or need help.
Almost every question or issue I’ve had building this site has been answerable by W3schools, great helpful site that has information on that one specific thing you were trying to do.
Really useful colour-picker tool that can be used as a browser extension. Especially helpful when you’re testing the site and need to get exactly the right colour match.

Resource Sites

Fool Lovers
My go-to graphics site. So much material on Rosie Rucksack came from Fool Lovers, it would be impossible to list it all. I highly recommend this site if you’re starting out. I can honestly say that using Fool Lovers’ website templates have been the biggest help to understanding and learning HTML and CSS for me. There’s nothing like actually editing and diving into code to help you understand it, if you’re a beginner at website building, download one of Fool Lovers’ templates and start digging around. Once you work out what each element does you’ll be able to replicate everything on your own, customising and creating code the way you want it to be. Plus Fool Lovers’ graphics are exceptionally cute, so there’s really no downside.
Engram Pixel
This tumblr blog has a great, organised selection of graphics that I constantly return to, to find the ideal pixels for my site.
Jasmine Feng
An absolutely huge collection of graphics, backgrounds and everything you could need for your site. Sourced from many times.
The main book graphic on my diary/dream diary page was created by Asterism. I’ve also used their backgrounds.
Pixel Soup
Another tumblr blog that I constantly return to, a great directory of pixel graphics.
Pixel Dreams
Yet another great tumblr pixel archive, which I have sourced many graphics from.
Kawaii Face
My go-to for kaomoji (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Miscellaneous Images

Snorkmaiden image
Ghost image
Perfect Blue Poster
Images From Strangers on a Train(1951)
Images From Stranger Things(2022)
Images From American Psycho(2000)
Images From YOLO: Crystal Fantasy(2020)
Still From Gekijô-ban Dôbutsu no Mori(2006)
Renders From Animal Crossing: New Horizons