Site News
Halloween Ends (2022, dir. David Gordon Green) and we now return to our regularly scheduled homepage.
Added an additional page to collections for books. I’m hoping that logging what I’ve been reading will help encourage me to read more. The first review is I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy.
Made site-wide adjustments to responsiveness. All pages should now display correctly across all monitors. Removed broken mobile code, so the desktop display should now always show. I might go back and fix the mobile code to display a proper mobile site, but that will be a project all of its own.
OOooooooOOOOoooOOOoooOOoh spooooOOOOoooOOooky hoooOOOoome paaAAaage!
Added a space on the home page for the latest Film & TV post. Also added review of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy.
Made lots of minor adjustments site-wide, fixing broken links etc. A few updates include this month’s film recommendation (To Kill a Mocking Bird), adding a few new neocities buttons and fanlistings. I found an old Phantom of the Opera fansite while browsing internet archive. They seemed to be hosting online campaigns to prevent the production of a Phantom movie and ALW’s planned Phantom sequel. It is incredibly funny to be living in a world 20 years on where both of these things exist and are both as terrible as the fans seemed to fear them to be. I’ve added their campaign buttons to this page for a laugh, it’s worth checking out the site if you’re a phantom fan, especially reading their predictions for the movie and LND.
Created a collective page for big lists of images. I’ve been around and altered the link from “favourites” on every page which was pretty tedious lol. New “collections” page houses my favourite media, button collection and quiz results.
Revamped and expanded the about page. There are now separate sections for about the site, about me, site credits and a site map of all pages. Hopefully everything should be easier to follow and clearer now. I’ve also linked some of my favourite sites, and Rosie Rucksack has its own site button now!
Completely redone the blog. I’m calling it my diary now to better distinguish the Film and TV blog. Eventually all the pages will be updated so that the “blog” link says “Diary” instead. The diary now has a separate archive page to go with a mini archive of the last few entries. Resources for the new diary come from asterism, fool lovers, and a few other sources linked in my about page. I had a lot of fun splicing elements together for this page and deciding how I was going to get the different text on different pages of the book to work. I was so happy with it I made a secret, identical page to use as a dream diary, can you find it? It isn’t very well hidden (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧
Redesigned the Film & TV blog to better house each of the sections together.
Revamped the home page. The template and graphics are from Fool Lovers. I’d like to update the homepage according to the season, so I thought this summery look was fitting.
The Film and TV page is finally done! I've included a section for monthly film recommendations, and uploaded my first piece of analysis. This is a study of the reality effect and the 1951 film Strangers on a Train. I'm not sure how interesting this will be to anyone, but it feels good to have something academic up on the site. Reviews coming soon which should be a bit more fun haha
Added to favourites page, made minor adjustments to about page. Film & Tv page is nearly done now.
Moved Site News into this cool scrolling box to avoid the page becoming infinitely long. OooOoOoh!
Updated the about page with more icons and updated info. My internet is finally fixed! I hope to finish the film and TV page next, now that I can finally update again.
Finally added the favourites page! This means I've finally added all of the main pages that I wanted to! I plan to do a lot more with this page in the future, but right now it just has some fun lists.
All existing pages have now been updated to the new design.
Updated layout and contents of about page and Animal Crossing Page and it's sub-pages. Internet is still not fixed which has made it impossible to update the site for the last couple of days.
Updated home-page layout. Want to win a free ps2?
Check out the new improved blog page! I will gradually incorporate this design across the whole website, but for now there's just an unusually pretty blog.
Added custom designs to animal crossing page. I will continue to add to this.
Added blog page and my first entry! Added Film & TV page. It currently has nothing on it. My internet has been incredibly flaky and slow recently which has made working on the site painful.
Added bulletin board drawings gallery to Animal Crossing page.
Added Animal Crossing page, to be worked on.
Added site news to homepage to log updates. Added about page.
Rosie Rucksack was created! ヽ(´▽`)ノ