26/05/22 - Update

Welcome to my new improved blog! Wow, it looks sort of better! I will eventually be incorporating this design across the rest of the website, but I thought I'd start with the blog. The design I'm using is a template from Fool Lovers.It's a great site with lots of really cute templates. There were a few that I liked, but I've gone with this because the style was relatively similar to what my site already looked like, but you know. Better. I'm going to keep my crappy anime headers for now. I really like having an image at the top of the page and the plan is that once I've sorted the site properly I'm going to draw my own personalised banners. My internet is still intermittent at the moment. This meant I wasn't able to update the site over the lat few days. I'm finally moved to editing the site in an actual code editor not the neocities text editor. I don't know why I was trying to do everything in that, no wonder I was having trouble lol. This also means that I can work on the site offline now which has been massively helpful considering my lack of internet. This also means that updates will be less frequent because I won't be constantly saving in the neocities editor anymore (oops). I'm feeling positive now, this was a hurdle I really wanted to get over in just having the site look nice. The only thing I still can't work out is why when I put pngs on the page they don't show up in the site preview. I'm sure it's something simple that I haven't noticed, but it is bugging me. Rosie Rucksack is also over a week old now! This means I can finally interact with people, I haven't done too much exploring other sites yet, so when my internet is fixed I look forward to that.