23/05/22 - Feeling OK

The last few days have been pretty good for me. Not in terms of I've had any good news or anything particuarly good has happened, but I've spent a lot less time in bed. That might not sound particuarly good, but baring in mind that my days usually consist of me waking up after 4pm then just trying to sleep again until I finally do, this is pretty good for me. My sleep schedule is still horrendous, even when I try to go to bed on time I can't fall asleep until after 6am. I'm really not sure how to sort that out, it's going to take a lot of work. However, being out of bed when I am awake is really good. It's amazing the difference in mood just getting up does for you. When I decided to make this site just a few days ago, I didn't realise how much the desire to work on it would improve my mood. I have to get up and sit at my desk to work on the site, and that drive to get up also has me walking around the house. I'm honestly stunned at the imediate impact having a goal has had. I've started trading and playing with other people in animal crossing again, something that I'd lost the energy to do. When I can work up the energy again I'd like to start doing bulletin board drawings again. I haven't drawn for fun in nearly 2 years now, which makes me quite sad. Even when I've been drawing for my course I can tell how much my skills have suffered through lack of use, and it could be upsetting sometimes. Drawing really does take up a lot of energy and motivation, so I know it's going to be hard but I would really like to get back into drawing again. Maybe I will even post some of the results on the site? Don't count on it haha.